Meet the Officers

Josh Crockett - President

Joshua Crockett, President, is currently a second year student at Heartland Community College, and plans to transfer to University of Illinois at Springfield in order to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Prior to joining the SGA, Joshua demonstrated an interest in serving his local community through a variety of projects and organizations. Whether organizing a Christmas program for low income families, volunteering at local homeless shelters, or working in the local school system, he has been an advocate for helping other's get ahead. In his free time, Joshua is quite the coffee enthusiast, vegan chef and loves to be in the outdoors.

Office Hours

Monday 9 – 10am
Tuesday 12 – 2pm
Wednesday 2 – 3pm
Thursday 12 – 1pm

Taylor Barron - Vice President

Taylor Barron, Vice President is in his second year of college but, his first at Heartland. Before Attending Heartland he went to Western Illinois University and was studying Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. He is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science, although he hasn’t decided from where yet. Before joining the SGA, Taylor lead a team to 3rd Place in the Skillsusa Crime Scene Investigation competition and has worked on many community projects around Bloomington and Normal. Most of his free time is spent with friends, working on cars or keeping up with current events.


Office Hours

Tuesday 12 – 2pm
Wednesday 2 – 4pm
Thursday 1 – 2pm

VACANT -Secretary

We are currently looking for a qualified candidate for Secretary!
If interested, email us at

Roles of the Secretary:

  • Serve as a voice for HCC students to improve our campus
  • Receive opportunities in professional development
  • Participate in community wide events and conferences
  • Responsible for official meeting minutes and the agenda for the Cabinet and Senate Meetings
  • Manage all SGA social media handles

Requirements of the Secretary: 

  • Serve a minimum of five (5) office hours per week not including meeting time or one-on-ones
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours per semester

If interested, please see the steps below on how to apply.

  • Submit a short essay about yourself and your interests in SGA
  • Submit a clear face picture of your choice
  • Collect and submit 20 signatures from students using the SGA Officer Petition Sheet (PDF)

After you’ve submitted the items listed above, you must:

  • Attend a one on one meeting with your SGA Officers 
  • Prepare a 3 minute presentation on why you would be a good fit for the SGA
    • To be presented at the SGA Senate Meeting
Renee Vaessen - Student Trustee

Renee Vaessen, Student Trustee, is a sophomore this year at Heartland. She is pursing an Associates in Arts and plans to transfer next fall to pursue a Bachelor's in Communication. Prior to being elected, Renee won the Illinois state title in the Parliamentary Procedure Career Development Event and competed with her team at the national level. Her love for service, communication and student success lead her to the Trustee position. Outside of school, Renee works in the jewelry department at Sam's Club. She loves being surrounded by her friends, seeing live music and an ice cold Dr. Pepper in the morning.


Office Hours

Monday 9 – 10am
Tuesday 11 – 12:15pm
Wednesday 1:30 – 3pm
Thursday 11 – 12:15pm

Contact Us

SCB 1602
Phone: 309-268-8444


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Ian Wilson

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Gavin Lee

Phone: 309-268-8043

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