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General Studies (GENS)

Welcome to General Studies or GENS! General study courses help you learn how to be successful in college and beyond! 

You will learn strategies that will assist you throughout your college career and even into the workforce. 

General Studies Courses

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Our GENS faculty come from across the college.  In the past we have had faculty from Advising, History, Math, Political Science, English and Reading teach our courses.  Here is a list of recent GENS faculty, although not all faculty teach every semester. Meet the GENS faculty.

GENS support and services are available through:

HCC General Education Video

HCC General Education

Have you wondered "What will Gen Eds like science or history ever do for me?" Here's the answer.

Contact Us

Jen Vieley

Coordinator of General Studies
SCB 2407
Phone: 309-268-8055