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Frequently Asked Questions

When do ESL classes start?

Heartland offers ESL classes throughout the year.

ESL Class offerings
Fall 2014 August 11 - December 12
No classes September 1 and November 26 - 28
Spring 2015 January 12 - June 5
No classes January 19, March 9 - 13, and May 25
Fall 2015 July 20 - December 10
No classes September 7-8, and November 25-27

When will my class meet?

Heartland offers various daytime and evening schedules for ESL classes. Most classes meet 3 days per week for 3 hours each day. You will learn more about your schedule options when you come to your registration appointment.

How much do I have to pay for ESL classes?

ESL classes are free! You pay $0 for ESL classes. The state and federal governments pay for ESL classes.

How do I register for ESL classes? When can I start coming to class?

You must call to make a testing appointment before you can start class. Please call 309-268-8180 or 309-268-8433 to make an appointment.

Para información en español: Kathy McGrane, (309) 268-8025.

Your testing appointment will be 30 minutes long. You will complete paperwork and you will have a speaking interview. After testing, you will be required to attend an orientation session before beginning class.

You can register for ESL classes at almost any time during the semester. That means you can start coming to class even after classes have started. We do not offer registration during the last six weeks of each semester.

What should I bring to registration?

You need to know your address and phone number to register for ESL classes. If you have a social security number, please bring it. You do NOT need a social security number to register for class.

What will I learn in ESL class?

Heartland’s ESL classes are for adults who want to improve their English. In your class you will speak English, listen to English, read English and write English. Your teacher will ask you why you want to improve your English. Maybe you want to get a better job. Maybe you need to speak to your child’s teacher. Maybe you want to go to college someday. Your teacher will help you with your goals!

Tell me more about ESL classes.

In Heartland’s ESL classes you will study with classmates who speak many different languages and come from many different countries. You will improve your English, make new friends and have fun!

I can only come to class one day a week. Can I register for ESL classes?

It is important for you to come to class every day. We expect students to attend each class and to stay for the entire class period.  If you have questions about our attendance policy, please call the Adult Education office at 309-268-8180.

I have kids and I don’t have a babysitter. Can Heartland help me with childcare?

Yes. ESL students may use Heartland's Child Development Lab. Childcare is only offered for students in morning classes. Space is available for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. Space is very limited. If you need childcare, please call 309-268-8433 for more information.