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Planning Your Graduation

Heartland Community College confers degrees and certificates at the end of each semester. Students must complete the online graduation application process prior to the deadline for the semester in which they are planning to complete their plan of study. Eligible students will be invited to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Dates to Complete the Graduation Process

When You Expect to Complete Your Plan of Study Deadline to Apply to Graduate Online
Spring Semester (May)
Participating in graduation ceremony
April 1
Spring Semester (May)
Not participating in ceremony
May 18
Summer Semester (July)
Participating in graduation ceremony
April 1
Summer Semester (July)
Not participating in ceremony
August 3
Fall Semester (December) December 15

Applying to Graduate Online

  • Go to myHeartland.
  • Login with log-in name and password.
  • Click on the IRIS tab.
  • Go to My Academics.
  • Select Apply for Graduation from the drop-down menu.

A confirmation email is sent to the student from the Graduation Office within one week after online submittal has been completed.

Commencement Ceremony

Students who have applied to graduate online and who are deemed eligible are welcome to participate in the HCC commencement ceremony. Students are encouraged to participate in commencement, but participation is optional. Commencement invitations are available for purchase through the bookstore in the month of March.

Heartland Community College has one spring commencement ceremony in May for students who have completed all requirements in the prior fall semester, as well as students who are completing their requirements for spring and summer semesters.

Participation in the commencement ceremony does not automatically ensure that a student has earned a degree or certificate. Final grades, and therefore degree certification, are verified as soon as possible following the ceremony for spring and summer candidates. Diplomas will be mailed to the student approximately 3-5 weeks after all final grades are posted.

If you have additional questions concerning graduation, please email the Graduation Office.

Transferring Heartland Credits to Another College or University

Need an official copy of your Heartland transcript? Please see the Transcripts site.

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