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Sara BakerDemand Manager, Purchasing Assistant, Computer Graphics Designer, Mobil Energy Team Member, Investment Accountant, Photojournalist...

Do any of these job titles sound interesting to you? These and many other local jobs have been posted on the Heartland Community College Online Job Board.

Currently, more than 650 employers have access to the Board every day, and use it to connect with students, alumni and members of the Heartland community …and the number of employers using the Board is still growing.

The Online Job Board is provided through College Central Network (CCN) and offers a way to connect with local employers. To make the best use of the Board, job seekers are encouraged to upload their resume. Resumes are reviewed by Workforce Services staff before being posted on the site, so it’s important to follow rules and guidelines for putting an effective resume together. Once a student's resume has been approved, it can be sent directly to employers through the site.

To access the Board, go to www.collegecentral.com/heartland. For questions about career options contact Career Services.