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Sara BakerThe Illinois workNet portal is a unique, free and user-friendly online resource that provides career, education and supportive services information for all Illinois residents and businesses.

Illinois workNet brings together resources, information, and services that, in the past, may have been a challenge to find through multiple Web sites and service agencies. The portal strategically groups together resources and services that complement each other and make it easy for the end user to find and use them.

To access this excellent resource all you need to do is log on towww.illinoisworknet.com set up a personalized user account by registering a user name and password. The more information you provide, the more efficient the portal will be in providing you information on job opportunities and career, education, and work support services. Illinois workNet is helpful for anyone who wants to:

  • Find a new job or research jobs
  • Plan a job search
  • Learn about careers
  • Indentify opportunities for further education and training to enhance job marketability

For more information on using Illinois workNet contact Career Services at (309) 268-8034 or email Career Services.

*Excerpts from the Illinois workNet User's Guide