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Sara BakerThe workplace of today is ever-changing. Employees increasingly switch jobs, even careers, five, six, seven times or more, over the course of their life.Gone are the days where workers secured a position and stayed with that job until retirement 30+ years later.This volatility brings with it both strengths and significant challenges for the American worker.How can workers keep their competitive edge?For many, working through a staffing firm helps them develop the skills and experience they need to compete.

On an average day 2.6 million workers are employed through staffing firms in the U.S.1 Businesses turn to the staffing industry to fill workforce gaps, supplement their current staff and find new employees.Did you catch that?…Yes, I said find new employees.In fact, one reason why many employers turn to staffing firms is to find people they want to hire as long-term employees.

The staffing industry employs workers across a diverse range of occupational areas.According to the American Staffing Association, it’s “nearly as diverse as the labor force itself.  Jobs range from day laborer to CEO.”2Typical skills sets in demand include light industrial and office clerical areas, as one might expect, but also consist of healthcare, information technology, technical/engineering skills and more.

So, what about you?Could there be a job for you through one of the many area staffing firms?Do you have the skills and qualifications they seek?To find out, contact a staffing firm in our area.Here is a list of a few (but certainly not all) you may want to try:

1 American Staffing Association quarterly employment and sales survey
2 US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the American Staffing Association