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Sara Baker, Director of Career Services

What would you have done differently in college to better prepare yourself for the job market?  According to a recent survey conducted by Braun Research, Inc., many young professionals who graduated between 2006 and 2010 regretted not using the time they had while in college to better position themselves to seek and secure full-time employment in their chosen fields.  Specifically, they indicated they wished they’d started their job search earlier (26%), spent more time networking (29%) and/or applied for more jobs prior to graduation (26%).  Additionally, the survey reported that almost half (43 percent) of four-year college graduates surveyed are currently working at a job that does not require a four-year degree.

So what can be learned from these survey results?  It comes back to the old adage,"Treat your job search as if it were a full-time job." Those who succeed are those who start early and engage fully in their job search, connecting with alumni and building relationships with those who may serve as potential references or employers, and taking advantage of every opportunity to develop their resume with real-world job experience through work-based learning. 

Speaking of work-based learning, did you know that Heartland alumni may be eligible to participate in the Internship Program for up to one year after completing their last Heartland class?  The Internship Program works with employers throughout the region to develop opportunities to apply classroom learning in the workplace.  For additional information about the Internship Program, contact Career Services at (309) 268-8034.

 Sara Baker-Director of Career Services