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About LinkedIn:griffin hammond

     LinkedIn is a 10-year-old website for professional networking and the third most popular social network in the U.S. with 28 million unique visitors per month. With 200 million registered users worldwide, two new users sign up every second.

Why LinkedIn is valuable for you?

     SEO (search engine optimization): Simply creating a profile will elevate positive information about yourself to the top of search results.

     Career Potential: 86 of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn for recruiting. Do you want to be in their search pool?

     Network of Connections: The average LinkedIn user has 9000 second-degree connections at 6,000 companies. That's a lot of opportunities you're opened up to.

Profile tips:

  • Explain your experience clearly and concisely. You never know who may read your profile and why, so it should make sense to those outside your industry.

  • Recruiters spend six seconds making a "fit-or-no-fit" decision about each resume. They'll likely scan your name, current and previous jobs, and education. Is that profile information complete?

  • Every word on your profile is searchable for recruiters. Are you using the same language they will?

Communication on LinkedIn:

  • Recruiters post jobs on LinkedIn, and you can search through them. Also, join groups where recruiters may be looking for ideal candidates. You can learn about your industry through group conversations and possibly discover new opportunities.

  • Turn in-person networking into LinkedIn connections. (Send a friendly invitation message!)

  • You can message your connections on LinkedIn for free, but InMail (messages to people you don't know) costs $10 per message! So, you may want to include external contact info on your profile.

  • Before you ask for a recommendation, have you considering writing one?

Privacy on LinkedIn:

  • You can control which profile information is available to the public or for connections only.

  • You can limit who you recieve InMail and invitations from, but would you want to?

  • LinkedIn provides "Who's Viewed Your Profile?" information to users. In settings, you can adjust how you appear on these lists.


*Information provided by Heartland Alum Griffin Hammond.

For more information check out learn.linkedin.com.