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Tips to Organize Your Records NOW

Sonja Reece Portrait

Normal Town Councilwoman Sonja Reece unexpectedly became a widow a few years ago.  While she had managed their business affairs, there were some items she couldn't easily locate such as his lock box key and his car title. Recognizing we never know what tomorrow holds, she launched into a process of organizing all her records to make it easy for her children to step in whenever that is needed.  In this seminar, Reece shared her low-tech approach to organizing records now, before others need them.

Quotes about the seminar from participants

~Well organized! Sonja stayed on topic and used humor… Great balance! Excellent!            

~Sonja had a delightful approach to a difficult topic. She is knowledgable.            

~The list of 32 categories and what to include in my Grab and Go book is very helpful. Thank you!            

~Very direct, practical information and great presentation.            

 An Ongoing Project

Reece stressed to participants that the binder should be considered a living document that is updated regularly with new information as circumstances change.

She also encouraged attendees to make sure they discuss the contents and location of the binder with family members so they know where to get it and understand what is in it when the time comes.


Because of demand, we have added another session for Wednesday, October 23 from 6-7:15 p.m. in the Astroth Community Education Center.  REGISTER HERE FOR THAT EVENT.

Check out photos from our first session, September 12, 2013.