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Tips to Organize Your Records NOW

Normal Town Councilwoman Sonja Reece unexpectedly became a widow a few years ago and learned that even as organized as she was, there was alot of information she couldn't locate because her husband had never communicated it. She launched into a process of organizing her records because she didn't want to leave her children in the same situation. In this seminar, Reece shared her low-tech approach to organizing records now, before others need them.

During the seminar, Sonja stressed that your Grab and Go binder is a living document.

Her advice once it's completed:

  • The binder should be updated regularly

  • It should be easily accessible (ready to grab and go)

  • It should be shared with family in what she jokingly called her "shareholder's meeting."

Some participants suggested they will work in increments to compile and include the 32 documents Sonja suggests would be helpful for family or friends who might need to manage your affairs.

Quotes about the seminar from participants

~So much great information to help me and my family! Thank you so much Sonja!

~This could not have been better or more informative!

~Sonja was a very professional and engaging speaker. The content was clearly organized.   

Check out of photos for the October 23rd event!