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Smart Strategies for Your Online Job Search

Where: Heartland Community College Raab Road campus

Brian Huonker

When: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

In today's competitive job market it is critical to know how to effectively market yourself online.  Brian Huonker, marketing analyst for State Farm and the vice-president of @Midwest explained that to land a job, you need to have an online presence that includes social media sites such as LinkedIn. 

Huonker told the audience, 83 percent of college graduates are still looking for a job and using the following tips will help anyone land the job they want.  He advises:

  • Figure out what makes you special

  • Go beyond your resume

  • Know your target segment

  • Do your research

  • Be the expert

  • Volunteer

Huonker stressed, "Walk into the interview and know who you are, why you are different, and what values you can bring to your new potential employer and you will walk out   leaving a lasting impact --one that will lead to your next job." HERE IS THE COMPLETE POWER POINT PRESENTATION.

Heartland Career Services Coorindator Sara Baker emphasized the great resources available at Heartland's College Central Network website.  The site allows job seekers to look for jobs by region, by company or skill set.  It also includes resume templates, tips, podcasts and the website aggregates jobs from other big sites such as Indeed.com and Monster.com.  Baker also provided a recommended list of other great websites to help anyone searching for a job or looking for a career change. (1 page, 136 KB)