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Keep Learning

No matter what stage of life you're in, it is never too late to continue learning. Heartland Community College is your pathway to ongoing personal and professional growth. HCC offers credit and non-credit courses that can help you learn additional skills, start new hobbies or even begin a different career.

Community Education

The Community Education program at HCC offers fascinating and affordable classes for alumni of all ages. The diverse assortment of courses Heartland offers participants opportunities to explore new careers, improve their current skills set to increase employment value, or learn an exciting new hobby. As a registered Heartland alumnus, you are eligible for at 10% discount on most Community Education courses when you register at an alumni event . To learn more about the next event call (309) 268-8160 or visit the EVENTS tab.

Green Institute logo

Green Institute

In 2008, Heartland Community College launched its Green Institute to enhance the College's green initiatives through educational programs and community activities related to sustainability, renewable energy, recycling, water and power conservation and a host of other environmental technologies.

Today, the Green Institute offers educational programs focused on training for homeowners, businesses and building industry professionals on sustainability topics such as green construction practices, efficient energy use, biodiversity and alternative energy sources.

In addition, the Green Institute offers a variety of innovative workforce training and occupational programs that prepare students for jobs in the emerging green industry (sustainable design, energy technologies, waste management, local farming, and green technologies manufacturing, among others). If you are an alumnus looking to enter the green job market, look no further than the Green Institute at HCC.

Certificate Programs

Heartland offers a wide variety of customized training. Whether you are venturing into a new career field or aspiring toward learning a new life skill, Heartland has it all.

Challenger Learning Center

The Challenger Learning Center at Heartland Community College inspires generations to accomplish objectives through collaboration that might at first appear impossible through the use of hands-on, real-world interactive educational experiences. Take flight in any number of different space missions the center provides for patrons. Public missions as well as corporate and team-building training missions are available.