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The 9 AQIP Categories: 1. Helping Students Learn, 2. Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives, 3. Understanding Students' and Other Stakeholders' Needs, 4. Valuing People, 5. Leading and Communicating, 6. Supporting Institutional Operations, 7. Measuring Effectiveness, 8. Planning Continuous Improvement, 9. Building Collaborative Relationships

AQIP is HCC's path to maintaining its accreditation! AQIP stands for the Academic Quality Improvement Program, which is an alternative accreditation process developed by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It consists of a continuous process of examining institutional practices and working together to identify needed improvements. A minimum of three Action Projects are always active, with at least one focusing on the core function of the college: Helping Students Learn.

AQIP Quality Checkup Visit

Heartland Community College is excited to participate in its first Quality Checkup Visit on Wednesday and Thursday, November 16 and 17, 2011. The Quality Checkup Visit is a formative review of Heartland's AQIP efforts to date and is an important step on the College's 7-year AQIP accreditation cycle. The Visit will be conducted by a two-person peer review team and will involve dozens of individuals across the institution in focused discussions about HCC's quality improvement initiatives. An agenda* (PDF format, 230 KB, 2 pages) for the two-day Visit is available to download.

In preparation for the Quality Checkup Visit, HCC was asked to prepare and submit two pieces of information - a Federal Compliance Packet* (PDF format, 616 KB, 16 pages) describing the College's various approaches to providing students and other stakeholders with key institutional information, and a Quality Program Summary* (PDF format, 505 KB, 8 pages) providing a descriptive overview of HCC's AQIP efforts past and current.  The AQIP Coordinating Committee encourages you to have a look!

If you have any questions about the forthcoming visit, or about the documents provided to HCC's peer review team, please email Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness David Cook or phone David at (309) 268-8181.

*Note: You must download and install Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ in order to view and print the PDF documents.

Systems Portfolio and Systems Appraisal Feedback

HCC was accepted as an AQIP college in October 2005 and initiated its first set of four Action Projects in Fall 2006. By the end of the fourth year the college prepared a Systems Portfolio that serves as the functional equivalent of the self-study. This document is available as a PDF under History: Systems Portfolio. In addition, HCC received valuable feedback about the initial Systems Portfolio in the Fall 2009 semester in the form of a Systems Appraisal Feedback Report. That document is now available online at Systems Appraisal Feedback Report.


We welcome your participation! If you'd like to serve on an Action Project Team or the Coordinating Committee, let us know by clicking on suggestions.

Got an idea or suggestion big or small? If you have an idea for a project, email us and we'll pass it along to the group that can best respond.

Heartland Community College AQIP Accomplishments