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Action Projects

Current Projects:

  • Heartland GPS (Guided Path to Success): Heartland GPS seeks to provide a comprehensive spread of services on-site at area K-12 schools and will equire shared data agreements with these area institutions. Heartland Community College is beginning with our K-12 partners since they are the primary entities involved in moving students into higher education. Other partnerships will be included in future GPS activities. Career and interest inventories, learning and communication styles inventories, and so forth will be embedded into a systemic process for all secondary school students. Similarly, COMPASS test preparatory work will be offered. All of this will be offered as an outreach service to K-12 schools along with financial aid workshops, ACT prep. etc.
  • Counseling Services Needs Assessment: Counseling Services is a key component to fulfilling Heartland Community College's Mission to promote student success. The growing and increasing mental health and wellness needs of the students have outpaced the current services in place for students at Heartland. As Heartland seeks to maintain high institutional expectations of increased retention and student persistence, expanding Counseling Services would be a key foundational support toward these efforts. Following best practices, research and identification regarding training and informational services as well as protocols would be created for faculty and staff who serve as gatekeepers for understanding students' needs. This project will research and identify growing mental health and wellness needs of HCC students and idenfity appropriate resources, services and tools that would help to provide rationale for the possible establishment of a quality Counseling Services Program.
  • Creating a Framework for Continuous Improvement: This project will establish the infrastructure for continuous improvement of the College. The infrastructure created will allow us to determine what to improve, how to improve it, who is responsible, and how we will know it improved.

Retired Projects:

  • Faculty Academy: Organize an orientation class for new college instructors and professional development classes open to all instructors.
  • Campus Communication: Foster a sense of community at the College by providing opportunities for more effective communication.
  • Tracking Student Success: Develop an operational definition as a first step in the process of measuring and improving student success.
  • Tracking Developmental Education Student Success: Initiate the development of a comprehensive, integrated plan to track and improve developmental student success.
  • Defining a Comprehensive Career/Placement Process: To educate and promote a broad-based understanding and use of available career and workforce services and resources required; define the ideal career resource process; and identify resources to reach the ideal.
  • Campus Recycling Review and Recommendations: To conduct an inventory of current campus recycling efforts, identify best practices at other institutions, and develop recommendations to enhance the College's recycling program.
  • Academic Integrity: To build an institutional culture of integrity that is communicated and implemented with all college stakeholders in a meaningful and consistent way.
  • NADE Certification for Developmental Writing and Math Programs: To help identify specific problems within the Developmental Writing and Math Programs in a way that will help HCC fix those problems and strengthen the program. The result of the certification project will be a strategic plan for improving the success and retention rates of students taking developmental English and math courses at HCC.

Action projects are the vehicles through which the college focuses on improving specific areas. Learn how new projects are developed** (PDF format, 22 KB, 1 page).

Submit Action Project Agendas and Meeting Minutes to AQIP.meeting@heartland.edu