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Lisle Conference

AQIP Crafting Your Systems Portfolio Workshop, Lisle, Illinois,
February 28th through 29th, 2008

Conference Attendees

  • Padriac Shinville, Associate Dean of Academic Support
  • Paul Folger, Instructor of Political Science
  • Tom Corcoran, Media Technologist

AQIP Conference, Lisle, Illinois,
March 8th through 11th, 2006

Conference Attendees

  • Cindy Brand, HCC Board of Trustees Chair
  • Jonathan Astroth, Heartland Community College President
  • Paul Folger, Instructor of Political Science
  • Steve Herald, Dean of Instruction
  • Chris Riley, Director of Advisement and Enrollment Services
  • Dana Rosenberg, Director of Institutional Research and Planning
  • Allan Saaf, Vice President of Instruction
  • Douglas Salokar, Instructor of Music
  • Padriac Shinville, Division Chair for Alternative Learning and Developmental Education
  • Jennifer Swartout, Assistant Professor of English
  • Deborah Wentzel, Associate Professor of Mathematics