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Systems Portfolio

The AQIP Systems Portfolio is a document through which HCC will identify and self-evaluate each of the major systems Heartland employs to accomplish its mission and objectives, such as "helping students learn" and "valuing people". We anticipate that every part of the campus will be involved in creating the portfolio. The task of assembling the Systems Portfolio will give all of us a better understanding of the usefulness of the systems and processes used at HCC.

Upon the initial completion, the Systems Portfolio will be available electronically (see below) and will be maintained yearly.

At HCC the Systems Portfolio is due and was submitted on June 1, 2009. During the Fall 2009 semester HCC received valuable feedback from external reviewers in the form of a Systems Appraisal Feedback Report about our strengths and opportunities for improvement. That document is available below as well.

Systems Portfolio Document

Systems Appraisal Feedback Report

Several of Heartland Community College's strengths identified by the Systems Appraisal Feedback Report linked above are summarized at Systems Portfolio Strengths. Here you will find the areas of strengths specifically mentioned in the Feedback Report along with posters available for download celebrating these strengths at Heartland.

AQIP Update to the Board of Trustees

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Padriac Shinville
Associate Dean of Academic Support