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Defining a Comprehensive Career/Placement Process

Project Initiation

Fall 2008

Goal Statement

To educate and promote a broad-based understanding and use of available career and workforce services and resources required; define the ideal career resource process; and identify resources to reach the ideal.

Full Charter

Link to Full Charter** (PDF format, 23 KB, 2 pages)

Team Membership

  • Amita Chakravarty
  • Cecelia Olivares
  • Celeste Bradley
  • Dan Hagberg
  • Deb Jennings
  • Deb Wentzel
  • Emily Miller
  • Gayle Johnson
  • Kym Ammons-Scott
  • Paul Folger
  • Ruifang Cao
  • Sara Baker
  • Wendy Anderson
  • Mary Beth Trakinat


Annual Reports

Agendas & Minutes


For more information contact

Pam Westerdahl
Director of Employment and Workforce Services
(309) 268-8010

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