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AQIP Coordinating Committee

Our AQIP Coordinating Committee exists to promote a collaborative, campus-wide approach to continuous improvement.


  • Select, manage and review AQIP Action Projects
  • Coordinate the AQIP Systems Portfolio preparation process
  • Maintain and submit AQIP Systems Portfolio
  • Review and disseminate systems appraisal
  • Organize campus conversation days
  • Maintain AQIP website
  • Foster communication about AQIP with the College community


2017-2018 AQIP Coordinating Committee Members include:

Name AQIP Role
Sarah Diel-Hunt
  • Co-Chair
  • Systems Portfolio Manager
  • Category 1 Helping Students Learn
Scott Rager Co-Chair
Tom McCulley Systems Portfolio Editor
Anita Moore Category 2 Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs
Barb Leathers
  • Category 3 Valuing Employees
  • Action Project Lead (Rotating) Category 3: Develop & Enhance Programs that Promote and Support Employee Engagement in Continuous Improvement
Kelli Hill Category 4 Planning and Leading
Doug Minter Category 5 Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship
Rick Pearce Category 6 Quality Overview
Veronica Inselmann Action Projects General Manager
Assessment Chair/Sarah Diel-Hunt (Program Review Process Revision Project); Melissa Fasig (Refining Integrated Strategic Planning Process) Action Project Leads (Rotating)

Scott Rager

Faculty Representative from LASS
Barb Borg Faculty Representative from HHS
Jane Chapman Faculty Representative from STEM-B
Dan Hagberg Institutional Research Representative
Lindsay Eickhorst; Veronica Inselmann; Tom McCulley At Large Membership from college employees
Vacant (Classified); Veronica Inselmann (Professional Technical); Travis Huber (Continuing Education/Advancement); Barb Borg
Additional representatives as appropriate to ensure representation from Continuing Education and Advancement as well as all employees groups
Angie Carson Recording Secretary

The complete AQIP Coordinating Committee Charter can be accessed here:  
AQIP Coordinating Committee Charter (PDF)

Contact AQIP Coordinating Committee

Jane Chapman

Phone: 309-268-8668

Sarah Diel-Hunt

Phone: 309-268-8593