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AQIP Coordinating Committee

AQIP, or Academic Quality Improvement Program, is a model for continuous improvement and one pathway to accreditation that is administered by the Higher Learning Commission. Heartland Community College was accepted into this pathway in 2005. The college's AQIP Coordinating Committee exists to promote a collaborative campus environment and processes conducive to fostering continuous improvement and completeing the requirements of an AQIP Institution.

Goals include:

  • Select, Manage, and Review AQIP Action Projects
  • Coordinate AQIP Systems Portfolio Preparation Process
  • Maintain and Submit AQIP Systems Portfolio
  • Review and Disseminate Systems Appraisal
  • Organize Campus Conversation Days
  • Maintain AQIP Website
  • Foster Communication about AQIP with the College Community

2014-2016 AQIP Coordinating Committee Members include:

  • Co-Chair:  Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs or IE Council Representative - Sarah Diel-Hunt
  • Co-Chair:  Faculty Member (Elected from current Committee members with at least on year of membership) - Scott Rager
  • Systems Portfolio Manager (Executive Director of Planning and Collaboration) - Kelli Hill
  • Systems Portfolio Editor (Appointed English Faculty Member) - Jennifer Swartout
  • Category 1 Champion (Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs): Helping Students Learn - Sarah Diel-Hunt
  • Category 2 Champion (Dean of Student Success): Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs - Amy Munson
  • Category 3 Champion (Executive Director of Human Resources): Valuing Employees - Barb Leathers
  • Category 4 Champion (Executive Director of Planning and Collaboration): Planning and Leading - Kelli Hill
  • Category 5 Champion (Vice President of Business Services): Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship - Doug Minter
  • Category 6 Champion (IE Council Member, Rotating): Quality Overview - Jill Blair
  • Action Projects General Manager (IE Council Member, Rotating) - Anita Moore
  • Action Projects Leads (Rotating) -
  • Faculty CAS Chair or Vice Chair - Phil Vandiver
  • Faculty Representative from each Academic Division (no additional member needed if alrealy included above) - Lisa Cole (LASS)
  • Institutional Research Representative (no additional member needed if already included above) - Dan Hagberg
  • At Large Membership from college employees - Tom McCulley
  • Additional representatives as appropriate to ensure representation from Continuing Education and Advancement as well as all employees groups. (Classified, Pro/Tech, Faculty)  Nancy Cox (Classified), Travis Huber (Continuing Education/Advancement, Professional Technical)

The complete AQIP Coordinating Committee Charter can be accessed here: 
AQIP Coordinating Committee Charter