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Action Projects submit annual reports describing their progress to the Coordinating Committee for review and to be presented to AQIP as an Annual Update. These yearly reports can be found at Annual Reports.

For information regarding the application Heartland used to apply to AQIP see Application.

To gather feedback about AQIP planning and activities HCC administration, faculty and staff administered a campus wide survey in the Fall of 2005. For the results of this survey see Examiner Results.

For a list of Heartland Community College representatives who attended the first AQIP Strategy Forum in Lisle, Illinois see Lisle Conference.

The link Newsletters contains information from past and present Heartland Community College AQIP newsletters, "Close Up On AQIP".

Information about self studies Heartland engaged in prior to AQIP can be found at Self-Studies.

During the fourth year in AQIP Heartland engaged in writing a Systems Portfolio. This document identifies and self-evaluates each of the major systems Heartland employs to accomplish its mission and objectives.

Heartland Community College officially applied for AQIP status during the summer of 2005 and was accepted to AQIP on October 21, 2005. For a complete list of important HCC AQIP events see Timeline.