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1992 Self-Study

Excerpts from the 1992 Visit Report


  • The Board of Trustees are committed, involved, and understand their role as policy-makers.
  • The administrators, faculty, and staff are competent and talented and dedicated to the success of the students at Heartland Community College.
  • The mission and purposed of the College were developed with the involvement of the College community and approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • The College's programs are responsive to its service region and resulted from feasibility.
  • The College has a strong advisement program for students.
  • Through a cooperative arrangement with Illinois State University outstanding library facilities are available to the students.
  • The College is making a strong commitment to the exploration and development of plans for a permanent campus.
  • The format for course syllabi is comprehensive and informative for the students.
  • The College has developed a comprehensive planning process which includes the framework for an institutional assessment plan and is linked directly to program review, planning, and budgeting.
  • The College has a solid financial outlook with funding from the State, tax revenues from District, and student tuition and fees.
  • Plans are underway to establish a College foundation to provide external funding for the college.
  • The College environment appears to be student-centered and conducive to attracting students to its programs and services.
  • Enthusiasm is evident at all levels of the College.


  • More full-time faculty should be employed to meet the ever-increasing enrollment of students.
  • The College could be hampered by the temporary nature of its facilities.
  • A comprehensive student achievement, outcome, and tracking system needs to be developed.
  • A formal curriculum committee and process should be established as soon as feasible.
  • Policies and procedures for the evaluation of faculty, staff, and administration should be developed.
  • Attention should be given to the evolution of a total student services program at the college.
  • Courses and programs need to be developed to move Heartland Community College towards being a comprehensive community college and away from the significant number of charge backs it currently must support.

Advice and Suggestions

This portion of the team report is advisory and includes suggestions and advice from the members of the team. These do not have any direct impact on the candidacy for accreditation of Heartland Community College. They include the following:

  • Policies and procedures for administrators/managers in a handbook format should be developed similar to those that exist for faculty and staff.
  • Efforts should be undertaken to attract and retain nontraditional students, including those of varied ethnic and socioeconomic status.
  • The percentage of full-time to part-time faculty should be closely monitored so that quality education and services will be consistently offered to students.
  • The evaluation process for all employees should include a staff development component supported by resources.
  • The College should pursue the hiring of personnel from underrepresented groups, as well as persons from a variety of educational institutions.
  • Efforts should continue to explore ways of providing educational programs and services to the Lincoln and Pontiac areas throughout the District.
  • An alternative to the current arrangement of providing a treasurer for the College should be considered to provide greater accountability and availability.
  • The needs of the business and industry community should continue to be assessed through an ongoing and formal process.
  • Special efforts should be made to provide good library services for the students in Lincoln and Pontiac.
  • The college should internationalize its curriculum.
  • The level of illiteracy in the District should be assessed and addressed with appropriate programs.
  • Planning should continue for a permanent campus for Heartland Community College.

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