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HCC received North Central Association (NCA) accreditation in 1999. Since that time the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) has been introduced to the NCA.

Year Month Event
2018 November Held Campus Conversation XI: Bloom Where You're Planted - Celebrating and Furthering Continuous Improvement
2018 October Received 2018 Systems Portfolio Appraisal
2018 June Submitted third Systems Portfolio


Held Campus Conversation X: Improving Employee Satisfaction



Held Campus Conversation IX: Strategic Planning - Setting College-wide Priorities

2016 November Attended Strategy Forum in Oak Brook, Illinois
2016 April Held Campus Conversation VII: Strategic Planning - Revising HCC's Vision and Mission
2015 March Held Campus Conversation VII and unveiled the Continuous Improvement Portal
2014 June Held first meeting of reorganized AQIP Coordinating Committee

Attended Stategy Forum in St. Charles, IL.

Received 2013 Systems Portfolio Appraisal

2013 November Submitted second Systems Portfolio
2012 November Held Campus Conversation VI
2009 November Held AQIP celebration: Posters designed to celebrate the strengths listed in the Systems Appraisal Feedback Report are available at Systems Portfolio Strengths
October Received 2009 Systems Appraisal Feedback Report
June Submitted first Systems Portfolio; History:Systems Porfolio
April Held Campus Conversation Day V
2008 Fall

Initiated second set of Action Projects

  • Defining a Comprehensive Career/Placement Process
  • College Retention
  • Assessment Academy
March Held Campus Conversation Day IV
February Attended Crafting Your Systems Portfolio Workshop, Lisle, Illinois
February - March

Delivered first IDC-sponsored Faculty Academy I & II series

2007 November

Held Heartland Community College AQIP celebration

Distributed first Heartland Community College Employee Newsletter (HEN)

Quick Fixes accomplishments: Completed


Action Project accomplishments:

  • 360° evaluations implemented
  • Department/division open houses developed
  • Social events and roundtables developed
  • Department/division Social Directors created
April Held Campus Conversation Day III
2006 Summer/Fall

Initiated first set of Action Projects

  • Fostering Community by Developing Opportunities for Effective Communication
  • Defining, Describing, Measuring and Tracking Student Success at HCC
  • Tracking Developmental Education Student Success
  • Faculty Academy
April Held Campus Conversation Day II

Launched Heartland Community College AQIP website

Attended the AQIP Strategy Forum, Lisle, Illinois

February Held Campus Conversation Day I
2005 October Admitted to AQIP
Summer/Fall Applied for AQIP status
 The following link displays the application with which Heartland Community College has applied for AQIP status:

Contact AQIP Coordinating Committee

Jane Chapman

Phone: 309-268-8668

Sarah Diel-Hunt

Phone: 309-268-8593