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NADE Certification for Developmental Writing and Math

Goal Statement

The primary goal is to complete the National Association for Developmental Education certification process, which includes conducting the self-study, analyzing that data and then applying for the certification.

The NADE certification process will help us maintain our current strengths and improve on our weaknesses. The goal to increase student success and retention aligns directly with the mission of the College.

Full Charter

Link to Full Charter** (PDF format, 27 KB, 3 pages)

Team Membership

  • Classified: 1-2
  • ProTech: 1-2
  • Administration: 1
  • Faculty: 2 English/2 math, 2 other faculty
  • Students/Other Stakeholders (as appropriate): 1-2

The Developmental Education Coordination Team consists of Amy Munson, Lisa Cole, Kim Kelley, Deb Gentry, Kim McHale, Jeremy McClure, Cheryl Eames, Stephanie Kratz, Jennie Kearney, Jennifer Vieley, Padriac Shinville, Allan Saaf, Amanda Rambo, Jennifer Swartout and Amy Smith

Agendas & Minutes



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