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Tracking Student Success

Goal Statement

Establish a meaningful, measurable definition of student success that will allow us to measure and track the degree of student success from a student's perspective and an institutional perspective.

Full Charter

Link to Full Charter** (PDF format, 27 KB, 4 pages)

Team Membership

  • Brad Thomas1, Co-Chair
  • Faye Freeman-Smith2, Co-Chair (January 2007 - present)
  • Dorothy Welty-Rodriguez2, Co-Chair (June 2006 - December 2006)
  • Sara Baker1?
  • Tina Bott1
  • Amita Chakravarty1?
  • Jackie Langhoff2
  • Sharon McDonald1
  • Jennifer Mills1
  • Dana Rosenberg1,2, Data Resource
  • Padriac Shinville2

1 Member of Institutional Perspective Subteam
2 Member of Student Perspective Subteam


Annual Reports

Most Recent Progress Report

Major Accomplishments

Agendas & Minutes



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