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Spring 2016

Open Registration: Nov 3 - Jan 11

Please note that you must register for classes one hour before the first class meeting. For online courses you must register by 6 pm on the first day of the session.

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Heartland Community College Assessment

Heartland Community College requires a mandatory assessment of basic skills. The Basic Skills Assessment includes writing, reading, and mathematics to help determine what classes are appropriate for you. An HCC application must be submitted prior to assessment. Learn more about the HCC application. For more information about the assessment, please see the Basic Skills Assessment FAQs.

Can I skip the Basic Skills Assessment?

You can waive all or part of your assessment based on your ACT scores or previous college courses. For information about waiving the assessment, please see the Basic Skills Assessment FAQs.

When and where can I take the Basic Skills Assessment?

By appointment, assessments take place in the Assessment Center - Student Commons Building Room 2001, Normal Campus (See map.). To make an appointment, log into your myHeartland account and click on the Appointments tab. For more information on appointments, please see our schedule.

What do I need to bring to the assessment?

  • Your Social Security Number and Heartland ID Number (to log into the test system)
  • A photo ID
  • A calculator (if you are taking the math portion). Some calculators, such as the TI-89, are not allowed. See the ACT Compass Guidelines to find out if your calculator is allowed.

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