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Contact Us


Nate Metzger, Director of Athletics, Head Coach
Phone: (309) 268-8418 (Office)
Email: Nate Metzger

Justin Hauer, Pitching Coach
Phone: (309) 230-6456
Email: hauerjustin@hotmail.com

Greg Mote, Assistant Coach
Phone: (309) 261-5765
Email: N/A

Jim Collins, Assistant Coach
Phone: N/A
Email: jim.collins.h17j@statefarm.com

Sean Hudson, Assistant Coach
Phone: N/A
Email: N/A

Ryan Knox, Assistant Coach
Phone: (309) 268-8189 (Office)
Email: Ryan Knox

Josh Kauten, Assistant Coach
Phone: (309) 268-8416 (Office)
Email: Josh Kauten

Tyler Mulford, Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: (309) 287-4315
Email: tmulford@normalbaseball.com

Dr. John Zozzaro, Team Chiropractic and Rehab Specialist
Phone: (309) 862-2225
Email: N/A