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Certificate - Computer Networking Windows

30 credit hours

Catalog Year 2017-2018

Computer Networking Windows Certificate Requirements

Class Title Credit Hours
BUSN 115 or COMM 101 Business Communications or Introduction to Oral Communication 3
BUSN 145 Employment Success Strategies 1
CSCI 101 Intro to Computer Information Science 4
NETW 150 Workstation Operating Systems 3
NETW 151 PC Hardware Maintenance and Repair 3
NETW 160 Introduction to Networking 3
NETW 162 Networking Technologies 3
NETW 166 Windows Workstation Administration 3
NETW 167 Windows Server Administration 3
NETW 170 Network Security Fundamentals 3
TECH 299 Internship in Technology 1
Total Credit Hours 30

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