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College and Career Readiness

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CNST Courses

CNST 101: Construction Materials and Methods
An introduction to light commercial and residential construction techniques and materials. The course is designed to provide information on the basic construction principles and the materials used in the industry. 3 HRS

CNST 103: Building Mechanical & Electrical Systems
Prerequisite: MAIN 101 and concurrent enrollment in TMAT 103 or a college level MATH course. This course introduces students to the basics of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection (MEP) systems commonly found in commercial buildings. Topics covered include design, installation, and maintenance of MEP systems, construction documents, estimating, energy efficiency, and troubleshooting. 3 HRS

CNST 113: Construction Documents & Quantity Takeoff
The course is an introductory course in the basics of construction blueprint reading and quantity takeoff. All persons involved in the planning, supplying, and/or building of structures should be able to read construction blueprints and provide a list of materials. Topics include types of drawings, nomenclature, applications of technical drawings, and material usage. While no formal prerequisite is required for this course, it is suggested that students have a familiarity with basic mathematical concepts of fractions and linear measurement before enrolling in this course. 3 HRS

CNST 152: Surveying and Site Planning
Surveying and Site Planning will provide a hands-on learning environment to develop an understanding of surveying applications and site planning considerations. Students will learn about the planning, design, layout, and construction of our physical environment and infrastructure; development of effective strategies to solve surveying problems will be emphasized. Students will also learn about practical approaches involved in evaluating and planning sites within the context of natural and cultural systems; emphasis will be placed on developing the knowledge and practical skills to become capable of analyzing and planning a site for development. It is recommended that a student complete CNST 101 and a college-level math course prior to this course. 3 HRS

CNST 224: Construction Estimating & Scheduling
Prerequisite: CNST 113. An introduction to construction estimating and the tools used to determine the costs of any building project. Reinforcing the concepts of blueprint reading and visualization skills required to help understand how to accurately estimate a construction project. Emphasizing the importance of determining project costs and schedule prior to the start of construction. 3 HRS

CNST 225: Buidling Maintenance & Repair
Building Maintenance and Repair will provide a hands-on learning environment to develop an understanding of the repairs and continued maintenance that should take place during the life-cycle of a building. Specific considerations will be placed on typical areas of a building that have failures and deterioration or where new technologies have been developed, (windows, doors, insulation, siding and weatherproofing). Extensive time will be spent inspecting, troubleshooting existing problems and bringing existing homes within the requirements of the current property maintenance, building and energy codes. [It is recommended that a student complete a CNST 101 and a college level math course prior to this course.] 3 HRS