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College and Career Readiness

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GENS Courses

GENS 100: College Success
A foundational course in active learning strategies and effective study skills that focuses on the learner’s role and responsibility in the learning process. 1 HR

GENS 101: Career Success
Students explore significant factors such as interests, abilities, values and personality preferences as they relate to career choices. Standardized measurement instruments, peer feedback, career information and resource persons enable the individuals to explore themselves and the world of work. 1 HR

GENS 102: Personal Success
This course provides an introduction to academic and personal skills essential for success in college and in life. Topics include personal responsibility, goal setting, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Students learn to create success by applying proven principles for active learning, self-motivation, self-management, and interdependence. 1 HR

GENS 103: Information Technology Skills
An introduction to skills necessary in accessing current information technologies needed by students and members of the community while at Heartland Community College. Students will learn to use a computer, basic Windows concepts, basic word processing, and research/communication tools. Course will be revised as needed to keep pace with current technologies and changes in instructional delivery methods. 1 HR

GENS 104: Library Research Skills
An introduction to research skills, this course covers the production, organization, and retrieval of information and knowledge within a societal context. Concepts include creating strategies for locating, evaluating, and incorporating information into a written product. Intellectual freedom, copyright, and plagiarism will be examined. Principles learned in this course will apply to evaluation and analysis of research in other courses. Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, ENGL 094 is strongly recommended. 1 HR

GENS 105: Life Success
This course will help students gain awareness of their academic career and personal selves and facilitate development in each of these areas. Focus will be placed on gaining knowledge of each self, identifying areas of strength and those needing improvement and mastering the tools necessary to achieve growth in these life areas. Students cannot receive credit for both GENS 105 and GENS 100, GENS 101, or GENS 102. 3 HRS

GENS 106: Mentoring Seminar I
Prerequisite: - Completion of GENS 105 AND - Placement at College level English and reading OR - Permission of Division Dean This course will help students gain and enhance the skills needed to be a successful peer mentor. The focus will be on interpersonal communication, choices of successful students, campus resources, case studies and student development as they relate to GENS 105 students. Training will also include effective leadership, listening skills, diversity, and conflict resolution. 1 HR