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Course Descriptions

ART 190: Digital Photography and Imaging I

-Placement at college level English OR
-Concurrent enrollment in ENGL 99/101
-Placement at college reading

This course is an introduction to digital photography and digital imaging processes, emphasizing photographic seeing, camera operation, use of aperture and shutter settings for aesthetic and sensitometric control, digital printing, and use of natural light for personal expression and communication. Students are required to acquire the principles for expressive communication; operational knowledge for Adobe Photoshop for scanning, manipulating, printing, and web publishing; and the skills in a variety of outputs for both fine art and commercial applications. Students are required to explore the "digital darkroom", using both traditional photographic materials and digital input, and to survey photography’s role in society and culture, including the evolution of various photographic genres and the contributions to the development of digital photography by people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Students need to provide their own 35mm camera, digital or film, equipped with manual capabilities to change the lens opening and shutter speeds. This course meets 6 hours for 3 hours credit. 3 credit hours

Transferrable Elective Course: This course generally should transfer to an Illinois Articulation Initiative college or university. Please consult with your advisor about transferability.