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BUSN 299: Internship in Business and ACSM

BUSN 299: Internship in Business and ACSM
Prerequisite: Completion of semester hours equivalent to 75% of the certificate/degree requirements with a minimum of 12 hours in business, office technology, and/or applied computer science; cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of application for the internship and at placement; demonstrated commitment to business field; or permission of instructor. This course provides supervised field experiences in a variety of settings that are related to Business and Applied Computer Science. Such settings include educational institutions, governmental organizations, businesses, and health care agencies. Students work at least five hours a week (a total of 75 hours a semester equals one internship credit hour), gaining practical skills and experience in a setting which will utilize business theories and/or applied computer science skills. 1-6 HRS