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Course Descriptions

IAI Physical Sciences CHEM 161: General Chemistry I

-High school or college level chemistry course within the last five years OR
-Completion of CHEM 099 with a grade of C or higher
-Completion of MATH 109 OR
-Placement at MATH 128 or higher
-Placement at college level English and reading

An introduction to the basics of chemistry for those students who are concentrating their studies in the sciences. Those fundamentals concepts of chemistry included are chemical formulas, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, structure of molecules, chemical bonding, and the behavior of gases, liquids, and solids. A three-hour lab each week will reinforce the lecture material. 5 credit hours
IAI GEC Code - P1 902L
IAI Major Code - CHM 911

Transferrable General Education Course: This course generally should transfer to an Illinois Articulation Initiative college or university. Please consult with your advisor about transferability.

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