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Course Descriptions

CHLD 201: Child Development Practicum I

-Completion of CHLD 102, 105, 109, and 202
-Completion of or concurrent enrollment in CHLD 209
-Cleared DCFS licensing background check
-Placement at college level English OR
-Concurrent enrollment in ENGL 099/101

This course deals with the practical application of evidence-based practices based on early childhood education principles and theories. Students work with diverse young children and families in high-quality, culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse early childhood settings under the supervision of a site supervisor and a college course work supervisor. Six hours of lab work will be required each week. This course meets for 1 hour seminar and 6 hours practicum for 3 hours credit. 3 credit hours

Transferrable Elective Course: This course generally should transfer to an Illinois Articulation Initiative college or university. Please consult with your advisor about transferability.

Early Childhood Education Questions

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Early Childhood Practitioner Partnership Program at Heartland Community College