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CSCI 115: Discrete Structures

IAI Mathematics

CSCI 115: Discrete Structures
Prerequisite: MATH 109 or equivalent, with a grade of C or better, or placement. Introduction to analysis of finite collections and mathematical foundations of sequential machines, computer system design, data structures and algorithms. Topics include sets and logic, sequences, subscripting and arrays, number systems, counting, recursion, graph theory, trees, nets, Boolean algebra, automata, and formal grammars and languages. Formal proofs (including induction) are introduced early in the course and addressed throughout the course. Connections between the mathematical theory and corresponding computer science applications are pervasive throughout the course. Computer programming labs are written in the current language used in the core Computer Science courses. This course is not intended for a Mathematics major or minor. 4 HRS
IAI GEC Code - M1 905
IAI Major Code - CS 915