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Course Descriptions

NURS 135: Nursing Childbearing/Rearing Families

-Completion of NURS 112, 113, 117, BIOL 181 and PSY 101 with a C or better
-Completion with a C or better or concurrent enrollment in NURS 122, 134, BIOL 182, and ENGL 101

This course of obstetrical and pediatric nursing focuses on the family utilizing Orem’s self-care model. A beginning application of critical thinking pathways will be developed in this specialized content area. The campus laboratory experiences focus on the assessment of the pregnant individual, the newborn, and application of growth and development principles. Planned faculty-supervised experiences in the clinical area, as well as the community, provide students with the opportunity to implement their knowledge and skills. This is an 8-week course which meets 15 hours for 5 hours credit. (Lec 2.5 Lab 2.5) 5 credit hours

Career and Technical Course: This course is a specific requirement for an Associate of Applied Science or certificate program and may not transfer. Please consult with your advisor about transferability.

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