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Course Descriptions

PHYS 172: Electricity & Magnetism

-Completion of PHYS 171
-Completion of MATH 162
-Placement at college level English OR
-Concurrent enrollment in ENGL 099/101

This is the second course in a calculus-based physics sequence for students in engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Topics include Coulomb?s Law, electric fields, Gauss?s Law, electric potential, capacitance, circuits, magnetic forces and fields, Amperes law, induction, electromagnetic waves, polarization, and geometrical optics. Laboratory activities stress development of measurement, observational, and analytical skills, and are based on lecture topics. 4 credit hours

Transferrable Elective Course: This course generally should transfer to an Illinois Articulation Initiative college or university. Please consult with your advisor about transferability.

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