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PTA 211: Application of Physical Agents II

PTA 211: Application of Physical Agents II
Prerequisites: Admission to PTA program, completion of PTA 100, PTA 101, PTA 102, PTA 110, PTA 111, PTA 120, PTA 121 & PTA 140 with a grade of C or better and completion with a C or better, or concurrent enrollment in PTA 210, PTA 220, PTA 221 & PTA 230. This course allows students to apply the physical agents presented in PTA 210: electrical stimulation for the treatment of pain, edema, tissue damage, impaired joint mobility and muscle disuse atrophy. The course will promote competency with the following intervention components: selection of specific intervention and/or parameters (within physical therapists plan of care), applying intervention and monitoring patient response, as well as subsequent parameter modifications. Proper positioning and draping of patients are emphasized. Indications, contraindications/precautions and safety are stressed. Communication, problem solving, and time management are also addressed in the delivery of quality patient care. 1.5 HRS