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PTA 250: Clinical Seminar

PTA 250: Clinical Seminar
Prerequisites: Admission to PTA program, completion of PTA 100, PTA 101, PTA 102, PTA 110, PTA 111, PTA 120, PTA 121, PTA 140, PTA 210, PTA 211, PTA 220, PTA 221 &PTA 230 all with a grade of C or better and completion with a C or better or concurrent enrollment in PTA 240. This course is the final stage of preparation for the development of an entry-level PTA. Topics presented in this course include billing/reimbursement, discharge planning, legal issues, sexual harassment and professionalism. Evidence-based practice is examined related to literature search techniques and critically appraising clinical practice articles to determine the validity, impact and applicability to clinical practice. Job searching skills and workforce preparation activities, such as resume development and interviewing skills are reviewed. Elements of role transition to entry-level PTA will be examined related to preparation for licensure examination, career development and life-long learning. 2 HRS