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RAD 133: Radiography Clinical III

RAD 133: Radiography Clinical III
Prerequisites: Completion of RAD 121, RAD 122, RAD 123 with a grade of C or better, and completion of (with a grade of C or better), or concurrent enrollment in, BIOL 182, RAD 132, and RAD 134. This course provides clinical opportunities for practical experience in applying knowledge and skills. Students will assist patients and perform routine radiographic procedures with emphasis on fluoroscopic studies of the esophagus, upper gastrointestinal system, small bowel, lower GI system, and urinary system. Radiography of the skull, facial bones, mandible, zygomatic arches, temporomandibular joints, nasal bones, paranasal sinuses and orbits, in addition to previously learned radiographic procedures will also be performed. Students assume greater responsibility during exams, continue competency testing and document progress toward mastery of clinical practice. Skills are refined under direct and indirect supervision of an ARRT-registered radiographer. 3 HRS