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4. Confirm Your Course Eligibility

Obtain a copy of your current university transcript or progress summary. This is required and is used as documentation of prerequisites for class registration. You may be required to submit ACT scores to waive assessment.

Once you have obtained your transcripts email an unofficial copy of your transcripts or progress report from your home institution. Your name and the name of your home institution must be visible on this information. In the same email, provide Advisement with the name of the courses you hope to take with us.

  • Please note: Heartland advisors cannot give you information on what will transfer back to your home institution – you must speak with your academic advisor from your home institution if you have questions about what course to take at Heartland.

Enroll as a Visiting Student

1.Verify HCC Courses will Transfer

Check with your college or university to ensure the classes you take at Heartland meet the transfer requirements at your home school.

2.Submit Your Application

Submitting your Heartland application is quick and easy!

3.Review Residency Requirements

Review your residency requirements if you live outside of Heartland's District 540.

4.Confirm Your Course Eligibility

You may need to provide transcripts or ACT scores.

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