Birthday Parties

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Plan an out-of-this-world party with your friends and family!

We offer unique 2 hour birthday experience designed for up to 12 participants for $250, each additional guest is $15. You and your guests experience "out of this world" activities that just may inspire a future astronaut.

Request a Birthday Party

Birthday Party Flier (PDF)

Birthday Party Includes:

  • 2 hour party with activities facilitated by CLC staff
  • Themed decorations, including paper goods
  • Access to refrigerator/freezer, if needed
  • Immersive activity in Athena Transport Module simulator
  • An age appropriate party game
  • A hands-on craft or science activity
  • Gift for birthday child from the CLC
  • Goodie bag for each child

Your Responsibilities:

  • Complete of Online Registration Form, 3 weeks in advance
  • Provide $100 Non-Refundable deposit, 2 weeks in advance
  • Confirm number of children attending, 2 days prior to party
  • Provide guests with CLC Participant Release Form
  • Collect from each guest a completed CLC Participant Release Form and submit to CLC staff
  • Setup of refreshments and/or additional items, 5-15 minutes prior to party
  • Pay remaining balance the day of the party
  • Bring food, cake, candles and refreshments
  • Provide at least one adult chaperone for every 6 children
  • Ensure guests are picked up within 15 minutes of party end time
  • If cancelling the parety, cancellations must be receive, in writing at least 1 week prior to party. If less than one week you are responsible for payment of remaining balance.

Staff will work with you to select age appropriate game and science/craft activities. A list and brief description is provided below.

Party Game Description
Commander Says... All Ages: A game similar to Simon Says
Planet Bucket Toss All Ages: Score points by tossing a bean bag into the planet buckets
Payload Race All Ages: Teams race with payloads attached to their shoes
Star, Star, Planet Ages 5 to 7: A game similar to Duck, Duck, Goose
Pin the Tail on the Comet Ages 8 to 12: A game similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Space Bingo Ages 8 to 12: Bingo with a space theme
Savenger Hunt Ages 9 to 12: Hunt through the CLC looking for items on their list
Space Probe Ages 9 to 12: Pass the probe and pull out a task to act out for others
Craft or Science Activity Description
Alka Seltzer Rockets All Ages: Build and launch a simple rocket using the power of science
Oobleck All Ages: Experiment with Oobleck’s crazy properties
Edible Slime All Ages: Create slime that you can actually eat
Flying Saucer Craft All Ages: Create a space craft you can play with
Rocket Life Savers Craft All Ages: Create a candy rocket
Galaxy Sun Catcher Craft Ages 5 to 8: Create an ornament of a galaxy
Space Fuse Beads Craft Ages 7 to 12: Create a space ornament using fuse beads
Rocket Water Bottles Craft Ages 7 to 12: Is it a rocket or sparkly globe?
Planet Hacky Sacks Craft Ages 8 to 12: Create a planet hackey sack you can play with
Paper Rockets Ages 8 to 12: build and launch a paper rocket
Neutral Buoyancy Balloons Ages 8 to 12: Challenger your team to make a balloon float in the air
Marshmallow Challenge Ages 10 to 12: Engineer a tower with spaghetti and marshmallows
Mini Space Mission Ages 10 to 12: Fly a one hour mission in place of craft/science activity and the Athena Transport Module simulation

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