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2nd - 3rd Grade Summer Camps

Registration via Internet closes three days prior to first day of camp. Registration via phone or in person remains open until first day of camp.

Flight Specialist Adventure Camp
Monday - Wednesday, July 30-August 1, 2018/9am-12pm

What goes up, must come down right? Not always! Planes, drones and rockets are built to defy gravity and take us places high above the Earth. Come to the Challenger Learning Center to investigate the effects of gravity and wind on airplanes and drones, how they fly and how they land. Then, build your own "paper" planes and put your knowledge to the test as you make your planes fly. Hot air balloons and hovercrafts are another type of aircraft that we will be able to investigate and build during this camp. Lift off and explore space like never before!

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Challenging Science Investigations Camp
Thursday, August 2, 2018/9am-12pm

Why does warm air rise? How can a lemon power a clock? Why does ice float? By the end of the day you will be able to answer these questions and more using the scientific method as we investigate temperature, chemical reactions, density, light and color, and more through hands-on experiments and activities.

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The Great Roller Coaster Challenge Camp
riday, August 3, 2018/9am-12pm

Up, down, and all around - roller coasters are great fun! But what makes them go and how do they do those loop-d-loops? We begin this camp with an introduction to friction, velocity and acceleration. Then, we'll pick up speed as you design your own marble roller coaster. Everything comes full circle when we see which roller coaster is the fastest, tallest and has the most loops.

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