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4th - 5th Grade Summer Camps

Registration via Internet closes three days prior to first day of camp. Registration via phone or in person remains open until first day of camp.

Inventor's Challenge Camp
Monday - Wednesday, July 23-25, 2018/9am-12pm

Do you love inventing? This hands-on program will allow you to solve fun problems by taking on the roles of inventors and engineers. Collaborate together to create hurricane-proof buildings, devise containers to safely carry radioactive ping pong balls, create a marshmallow launcher and solve other fun challenges! If you like hands-on building and creating, you will love this camp.

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Battle Bots Camp
Thursday, July 26, 2018/9am-12pm

Ready for an epic robotic battle? Work with a team to create the best possible robot and go head to head with the other teams to see which robot wins. After the competition is over, see if you can modify your robot to improve its battle performance. This camp, held at the Challenger Learning Center, will be the highlight of your summer!

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Space Exploration Camp
Friday, July 27, 2018/9am-12pm

Scientists and engineers at NASA are deeply involved in space exploration. We will channel our inner NASA explorer and learn about many of the upcoming NASA missions as we consider how to bring back samples from a comet or the moon, investigate if there is life on one of Saturn's moons and engineer a space probe to meet up with an asteroid.

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