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Bloomington Area Career Center

Health Sciences
Dual Credit Courses
EMT 101: Emergency Medical Technician 
HLTH 110: Medical Terminology 
NURS 110: Nursing Assistant (CNA) 
Industrial Technology


Dual Credit Courses
TECH 114:  Introduction to Technical Graphics [1st-year students]
WELD 110: Introduction to Welding Processes [1st-year students]
MFTG 115: Manufacturing & Production Processes [2nd-year students]
WELD 116: Shielded Metal Arc Welding I [2nd-year students]
Information Technology

Computer Networking

Dual Credit Courses
CSCI 101: Introduction to Information Science [1st-year students] 
NETW 151: PC Hardware Maintenance & Repair [1st-year students]
NETW 150: Workstation Operation Systems [2nd-year students]
NETW 160: Introduction to Networking [1st-year students]

Digital Media Communication

Dual Credit Courses
DMED 101: Introduction to Digital Media [1st-year students]
DMED 120: Computer Imaging & Design [2nd-year students]

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Student Admission Process (For New Students Only)

  • Apply to the career center & await acceptance confirmation.
  • Submit the Heartland student application online & look for your welcome email.
  • Finish any remaining enrollment steps through your counselor & career center.
*Your career center may ask you to provide your Heartland student ID # found on the top-right side of your welcome email/acceptance letter.*