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Livingston Area Career Center

Potential Courses

  • Dual Credit Option
    CRJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice 
  • Dual Credit Options
    CHLD 101: Introduction to Early Childhood 
    CHLD 102: Growth and Development of the Young Child
  • Dual Credit Courses
    HLTH 110: Medical Terminology 
    NURS 110: Nursing Assistant (CNA) 
  • Construction

    Dual Credit Options
    CAD 101: Introduction to AutoCAD 
    CAD 235: Residential Architecture 


    Dual Credit Options
    MFTG 115: Manufacturing & Production Processes 
    TECH 114:  Introduction to Technical Graphics 
    WELD 110: Introduction to Welding Processes 
    WELD 116: Shielded Metal Arc Welding I 
  • Dual Credit Options
    CSCI 101: Introduction to Computer Information Science 
    NETW 121: Introduction to Networks 
    NETW 122: Routing & Switching Essentials 
    NETW 150: Workstation Operating Systems 
    NETW 151: PC Hardware Maintenance & Repair 
    NETW 160: Introduction to Networking 
    NETW 166: Windows Workstation Administration
    NETW 167: Windows Server Administration

Student Admission Process

Beginning on May 1, 2018, you can submit the Heartland student application for the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for the Heartland courses listed above.

Heartland Application Instructions

  • Go to
  • Choose I'm Ready to Apply Online near the bottom of the page.
  • Select the following options as they appear:
    • Take one or more classes.
    • I would like to earn HCC credit while I am still in high school.
    • By choosing from HCC courses offered through my high school/career center. (College NOW)
    • Start term: Fall 2018

Need Help?

  • You can use this guide or contact HCC Admissions [ | 309-268-8010] if:
    • you have any issues with or questions about the application before, during or after submission
    • you do not receive an acceptance letter via email within 3 to 5 days after application submission
    • the Admit Type on your acceptance letter does not say College NOW
  • You should contact LACC if you have specific questions about our dual credit partnership!

Student Admission Process (For New Students Only)

  • Apply to the career center & await acceptance confirmation.
  • Submit the Heartland student application online & look for your welcome email.
  • Finish any remaining enrollment steps through your counselor & career center.
*Your career center may ask you to provide your Heartland student ID # found on the top-right side of your welcome email/acceptance letter.*