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Being a College NOW Partner

As a secondary education administrator, you should review the phases of our dual credit partnership process.

Course Selection

  • We help you choose the appropriate Heartland courses through our course selection guide
  • The Heartland courses you choose can be taught by a qualified instructor from your location.
  • You could also select courses to be taught by Heartland faculty online.
  • Heartland deans/chairpersons review and approve your course requests each year.

Student Admission 

  • We work together to help students through the admission process in preparation for enrollment.
  • You send us rosters containing only students who meet the requirements to be enrolled for college credit.

Partnership Confirmation 

  • We solidify our partnership annually with a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that outlines some of the key details of our partnership.
  • We add your courses to our master schedule and complete student enrollment in Heartland's system based on the rosters you submit to us.
  • You can review our overall partnership timeline for high schools or career centers.

Review Administrative Partner Guidelines

Contact Person

For your administrative partnership process OR course selection inquiries:

Email Sarah Diel-Hunt, Ph.D.

Academic Affairs
Associate Vice President
Phone: 309-268-8593