Course Selection Overview

Our new course selection process makes information easier to find and lets you submit your course requests online.

Course Selection Guide

The online College NOW course selection guide displays a comprehensive listing of courses that we have pre-approved for high school students. The guide provides details for each course, such as description, credit hours, prerequisites (if any), course capacities and instructor qualifications.

  • You may also use the general Heartland course catalog to suggest courses for our consideration that are not included in the College NOW course selection guide.
  • Make note of the course titles you are interested in from the general Heartland course catalog as there is an option for you to add those courses when submitting your course requests online.

Approved Course Confirmation

Your course requests - including college transcripts for any prospective College NOW instructors from your school - are due by January 31, 2018.

  • We will provide confirmation of approval confirmation by February 15, 2018.
  • If you believe you have instructors qualified to teach dual credit courses, you or the instructor must submit their college transcripts AND resume/curriculum vitae (OR this College NOW faculty form) to Alauna Akins immediately following the submission of your course requests.

View Administrative Guidelines

Contact Person

For your administrative partnership process OR course selection inquiries:

Email Sarah Diel-Hunt, Ph.D.

Associate VP for Academic Affairs
Phone: 309-268-8593