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Course Selection Process

  • Using Heartland Faculty

    We are now offering the opportunity for our partners to select courses taught by HCC faculty at:

    • HCC-Normal Campus
    • HLC-Lincoln Center
    • HPC-Pontiac Center
    • Online 

    *Be advised that we are no longer providing HCC faculty to teach on-site at partnering locations.*

    Cost of Instruction Fee

    • The cost for this use of Heartland faculty is $1,500 per credit hour. (Example: A 3 credit hours course = $4,500.)
    • If approved, the requesting high school will receive an invoice with a due date of within 30 days of invoice submission.

    Additional Information

    • If approved, the course(s) will be exclusively reserved for your high school students.
    • You may also work with another high school to fill courses up to the maximum capacity.
  • Pre-Approved Courses

    Our online course selection guide displays a comprehensive listing of courses within the following pathways that we recommend for high school students: 

    The guide provides details for each course, such as:

    • description
    • credit hours
    • prerequisites (if any)
    • course capacities
    • instructor qualifications 

    Additional Options

    • You may also use the general Heartland course catalog to request courses that are not included in the College NOW course selection guide.
      • Write down or copy the complete course title from the Heartland course catalog.
      • Choose the option to add a class from the Heartland catalog and enter the course information in the course selection form. 
  • Submission Deadline

    When ready, you must submit your course requests using our online course selection form by or before January 31, 2018.

    • Immediately following your online submission, you must also submit documentation of qualifications for any prospective College NOW instructors from your high school -- including:

            〉〉 Send to: Alauna Akins | | 309-268-7686 〈〈

    • Heartland deans/chairs will review your requests -- along with any additional documentation regarding prospective instructors -- and provide the necessary feedback.

    Confirmation Window

    • You can expect a course confirmation document detailing your approved dual credit courses February 15-23, 2018.
    • Your potential courses will appear in the course offerings section for your high school so that students/parents can review any placement testing requirements related to those courses.

Contact Person

For your administrative partnership process OR course selection inquiries:

Email Sarah Diel-Hunt, Ph.D.

Academic Affairs
Associate Vice President
Phone: 309-268-8593