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Course Selection Process

We now invite our career center partners to use the following information and form to submit your dual credit course requests for Academic Year 2019-2020.

  • Selection Guide

    Review the pre-approved Heartland courses we recommend for high school students. The College NOW online course selection guide provides the following details for each course:

    • description
    • credit hours
    • prerequisites (if any)
    • course capacities
    • instructor qualifications

    Heartland Catalog

    Browse the general Heartland course catalog to request courses that are not included in the College NOW course selection guide. 

    • Write down or copy the complete course title from the Heartland course catalog.

    • Choose the option to add a class from the Heartland catalog.

    • Enter the course information on the course selection form. 

  • Use HCC Faculty

    You can request courses to be taught by our faculty at Heartland (Normal/Pontiac/Lincoln) or online at a cost of $1,500 per credit hour -- billed to your center, not individual students.

    If approved:

    • your center will receive an invoice with a due date of April 15, 2019
    • the course(s) will be exclusively reserved for students enrolled at your career center
    • you may also work with other College NOW partners to fill your courses to maximum capacity

    Use Your Faculty

    Your career center faculty may teach dual credit courses if they meet the state-level minimum requirements outlined in the College NOW course selection guide.

    • Immediately after submitting your course requests, you or the prospective instructor must also submit the following documentation to Heartland: 
    • Submit paperwork to Angie Carson:
  • Submission Deadline

    You must submit your course requests using our online course selection form by or before January 31, 2019.

    • Heartland deans/chairs will review your requests -- along with any additional documentation regarding prospective instructors -- and provide the necessary feedback.

    Course Confirmation

    You can expect a course confirmation document detailing your approved dual credit courses between February 18-28, 2019.

    • Your potential courses will appear in the courses section of the College NOW website to help interested high school students/parents through the admission process.

Contact Person

For your administrative partnership process OR course selection inquiries:

Email Sarah Diel-Hunt, Ph.D.

Academic Affairs
Associate Vice President
Phone: 309-268-8593