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  • Click Add Class within any of the three Available Courses tabs and your selected courses will appear in the Selections section.
  • Next, choose the location and semester for each of your selected courses. Here are some explanations for the semester options you can choose from:
    • Fall Only 
    • Spring Only 
    • Both: Refers to courses offered during Fall & Spring, but in separate sections with different students.
    • Yr-Long: Refers to courses offered during the entire academic year with the same students.
    • Unknown: Refers to uncertainty regarding exactly when particular courses will be offered.
  • You can also add a course from the Heartland course catalog by clicking the link under available courses and filling out the course information. 
  • The additional information section collects preliminary details about any prior instructors if your school has provided qualified instructors in the past OR prospective instructors for which your school needs approval.
    • You or the prospective instructor should provide college transcripts AND resume/curriculum vitae (OR this College NOW Faculty Form) immediately following submission of your course requests to Alauna Akins via email or fax 309-268-7986. 
  • If necessary, you can revisit the course selection guide for more information on pre-approved courses for the College NOW program.

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Contact Person

For your administrative partnership process OR course selection inquiries:

Email Sarah Diel-Hunt, Ph.D.

Associate VP for Academic Affairs
Phone: 309-268-8593