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Course Contact Lists

For Heartland Instructors

As a standard practice, you should connect with the school counselor for pertinent information regarding teaching at the school where you have been assigned.

School School Counselor Informational Links
Calvary Christian Teresa Jordal | (309) 452-7912 Courses | Website
Central Catholic Suzanne Eppley | (309) 661-7000 Courses | Website
El Paso-Gridley Beth Ehresman  | (309) 527-4415 Courses | Website
Heyworth Rebecca Stanton | (309) 473-2322 Courses | Website
Lexington Melissa King | (309) 365-2711 Courses | Website
For High School Instructors
For Career Center Instructors

For Dual Credit Courses @ Career Centers 

BUSN 296 Linda Lambert N/A Bob Shaw
CAD 101 Kim Travers Dana King Bob Shaw
CAD 235 Randy Jacobs Dana King Bob Shaw
CHLD 101,102 Johnna Darragh N/A Tom McCulley
CNST 101 Randy Jacobs Dana King Bob Shaw
CRJ 101 Jennifer Woodruff Todd Brereton Tom McCulley
CSCI 101 Todd Simeone Dana King Bob Shaw
DMED 101,120 Phil Vandiver Dana King Bob Shaw
EMT 101 Dylan Ferguson Jane Miller
HLTH 110 Francine Armenth-Brothers Jane Miller
MFTG 115 Rich Foley Dana King Bob Shaw
NETW 121,122 Lisa Perry Dana King Bob Shaw
NETW 150,151,160,166,167 Renee Collins Dana King Bob Shaw
NURS 110 Patty Omahana Jane Miller
TECH 114 Kim Travers Dana King Bob Shaw
WELD 110,116 Randy Jacobs Dana King Bob Shaw